All fees paid in Canadian Dollars by cheque, money order or e-transfer to

Please use password GRIZZLY for e-transfers

Payment must be received within one week of the registration deadline to be considered on time.

Kelowna Gymnastix will accept one payment via cheque from participating club.

No individual payments.


Athlete registration  $150  with Feb 15 deadline

If there is space after the deadline, registrations will be charged an additional $15



Coach registration with Feb 15 deadline is $25

After the deadline there will be an additional $5 charge.

Welcome to our three day event for Gymnastics and Acro!!


Athletes are welcome to try new skills by leveling up their routines without any restrictions!  Use this opportunity to help prepare the athletes for the next level and keep the routines exciting and fun! 

Level ups are NOT required.  


Level 1 -3 – Showcase upgrades 
(no execution deductions)

Showcase your level up skills for the judges after your routine.

Level Up

Level 4 and up – Regular execution will apply

Xcel – Regular execution will apply

Judge’s will have the authority to communicate to the coaches during warm up regarding the upgrade plan and may make a safety call and not allow the upgrade, if necessary. 

Examples and Ideas 

Below is an example list of level up options, but routines are not limited to these examples.  All level up choices need to be safe.   

If you have other ideas for LEVEL UP, be creative and make sure you let the judges know in the coaches meeting for each session. 

  • Level 4– 5 – Upgrade skills within the routine (execution deductions will apply)
  • Level 6
    • Vault – no penalty for over rotation to candle
  • Level 7
    • Upgrade vault to regular landing. 
    • Flipping vaults allowed
    • Acro C’s allowed without restricted element deductions.
  • Level 8
    •  Acro D’s allowed without restricted element deductions.
  • Level 9 (Start value 9.7 + up to 0.5 bonus for a total maximum SV of 10.20)
    • More than +0.1 for extra D’s
    • Extra 0.1 bonus for Level 10 requirement (ie. C dismounts)
  • Xcel Bronze
    • Additional flight element on floor
  • Xcel Silver
    • Flyaway allowed on bars
    • Additional salto on floor (maximum 2)
  • Xcel Gold
    • C dance on beam or floor
  • Xcel Platinum
    • Salto vault allowed